A new wave of concrete

changing the game with innovative engineering

Aesthetic concrete for challenging designs

We combine innovative engineering with smart manufacturing to create unique concrete products made from high performance concrete. To realize complex projects, we use new techniques as well as proven methods. Our prefabricated elements are used to bring complex and challenging geometrical designs to life.

Smart engineering

We strive to bring designs to life in the most efficient, sustainable and innovative way possible. We do so by combining software for parametric modeling and graphic algorithm editing with heaps of data and in-house knowledge.

Innovative moulds

We design and create our unique and flexible moulds from square one. Us designing the moulds means the possibilities to produce amazing elements upon request are endless. We re-use our adaptive moulds to minimize the footprint.

sustainable production

We use smart and innovative ways of engineering and manufacturing that enable us to actively contribute to a more sustainable world, now and in the future. Examples are: our flexible moulds that are re-used and the recycling of materials.

OV terminal Arnhem, the Netherlands

Over 1500 unique curved concrete elements sounds challenging? Not to us!

References and partners

Work in progress! In collaboration with developer Lingotto, Team V architects and Arup have jointly designed the tallest hybrid timber building in the Netherlands. We have been contracted by J.P. van Eesteren |TBI to produce and mount the facade elements in glass fibre reinforced concrete.

Interested in our innovations?

Our professionals are ready to share in the detailing of your designs and collaborate on the achievement of your architectural objectives. Simply give us a call or send us an email.