We are MBX

We believe that a designer should never be limited by the material. That’s why we offer the best engineering and manufacturing available, created by us. We are a young company with a fresh view on the use of moulds and concrete. With our experience and industry inspiring techniques, mbX offers unique and impressive elements and realizes challenging and complex architectural projects.

Aesthetic concrete for challenging desings

We combine innovative engineering with smart manufacturing to create unique concrete products. To realize complex projects, we combine innovative engineering with smart manufacturing to create a cost effective making process. We use new techniques as well as proven methods. Our product is used to bring complex and challenging geometrical designs to life. 

Smart engineering

We strive to bring designs to life in the most efficient, sustainable and innovative way possible. We do so by combining software for parametric modeling and graphic algorithm editing with heaps of data and in-house knowledge.

Innovative moulds

We design and create our unique and flexible moulds from square one. Designing the moulds ourselves means the possibilities to produce amazing elements upon request are endless. Reforming flexible surfaces and re-using these moulds minimizes our footprint.

Sustainable production

We use smart and innovative ways of engineering and manufacturing that enable us to actively contribute to a more sustainable world, now and in the future. Examples are: our flexible moulds that are re-used and the recycling of materials.

Engineering first

mbX is a pioneering specialist, focused on engineering; from creating the concrete mix to designing intelligent production processes. Before we start manufacturing elements, we always look for the best (new) ways.

Taking concrete to a next level

mbX started off as a concrete expert specialized in geometrical and curved elements. Over time we invested in innovative software and sophisticated machinery. This now enables us to take geometrical shapes to a next level, model and mould the most curvy designs and meet many structural challenges with a customized solution.

Part of concrete valley

mbX is part of the Concrete Valley Group. This Dutch concrete hub in Bergen op Zoom was established in 2012 and offers distinctive solutions to the rapidly changing construction industry. Today the valley consists of 80.000 m2 working space, production units and cutting-edge technology. mbX works in close collaboration with the two other Concrete Valley sister companies Microbeton and Waco

Interested in our cutting edge techniques?

Our professionals are ready to share in the detailing of your designs and collaborate on the achievement of your architectural objectives.