The 7 steps to concrete innovation

We are often presented with designs that require the making of many different components. In creating these elements, the architectural specifications like color, structural strength and shape, are leading. To go from a technical drawing on paper to an actual product, we developed a 7-step process.

Step 1


At the start of every project, we break down the design into components. We take a closer look at geometrical shapes, take structural requirements into account, and determine how many elements will be needed and which concrete mix design we will use.

Step 2


After mapping the total scope of a project, we start to design specific (patented) moulds. A team of professionals works on the best way to flexibly mould our concrete into any shape needed. We do so in a sustainable manner, with flexible moulds and the recycling of materials used.

Step 3


Before starting the manufacturing of the elements, we design the production line. Successive steps are charted and a timeline is created that includes all steps from manufacturing to final completion.

Step 4


Depending on specific requirements, two different moulds are created: flexible moulds that shape concrete as it hardens and solid moulds that are milled into a variety of shapes. We re-use a solid mould that is optimized to produce as many elements as required.

Step 5

Precise production

Producing elements is a precise task. The complex nature of this part of the process calls for a thought-out plan. Guided by our extensive engineering insights, this is the phase in which we actually create the geometrical shapes and high-quality elements.

Step 6

Finishing elements

Finally, elements are finished. We remove imperfections, level-off any unevenness and apply the hydrophobic coating. If any small modifications need to be made, we do so before preparing the elements for transport.

Step 7

Packaging & on-site delivery

All elements are packaged in a safe and sustainable way. We use wooden boxes to transport elements to their final destination. As this is often abroad, we are experienced in finding the right solution for transport.

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