New generation concrete

In order to produce curved or geometrical concrete elements, we needed to change the game of making concrete. Unlike concentional concrete, that is porous and reinforced with steel, our distinctive new generation high performance concrete is very dense, waterproof and often reinforced with fibers.


Our new generation concrete is extremely durable; with a solid yet flexible reinforcement. It resists forms of deterioration very well and retains its quality when exposed to all weather conditions.

Class A1 Fire Resistance

Our material is known to perform well in fire. It has the highest fire resistance classification (A1), doesn’t burn, cannot be set on fire and will not cause any toxic risk in a fire.

Abrasion Resistant

The abrasion resistance of concrete depends on its composition. Our concrete products are able to resist the wear and tear of (intens) usage or exposure to extreme conditions.


Elements made by mbX have a smooth surface with a clean look and feel. Also the high performance concrete (HPC) is unlikely to collect dirt and polution, which means it’s easy to maintain.

Strong and fibre reinforced

The strength of concrete is explained in two different ways. Concrete has a relative high compressive strength. By adding fiberglass, we are able to increase the flexural strength which gives more possibilities in the structural design of the end products.


Our high performance concrete can be moulded as it hardens. The process starts with moulds being in a 100% horizontal position. As the fibre reinforced concrete goes from a fluid consistency to a solid material, the mould is transformed into the required geometry.

It always starts with the concept

mbX is known to create high-quality aesthetic elements. Find out more about our 7-step process to concrete innovation.

Projects which make us proud

In 2014 mbX was established as a spin-off from Microbeton. We started of with a great first project, the roof of a railway station in Arnhem. After completion, we received two prominent industry awards, the national and european concrete award. Discover what other projects we have worked on!

Interested in our innovations?

Our professionals are ready to share in the detailing of your designs and collaborate on the achievement of your architectural objectives. Simply give us a call or send us an email.